Back Pose

2014-02-10 (6A) Back Photo - Before


2014-02-10 (6A) Back Photo - After


Photo Taken On: 10 February 2014
Editing Process Completes On: 11 February 2014

My son wants to do a back pose when I was going to shoot so he pulled his dad along. Due to lack of light, the photo looked darker so I edit it with Photoshop. Seems that the photo looks better by just adjusting its brightness. What do you think? Is there any improvement I can do?

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2 thoughts on “Back Pose

  1. Yes, it does look better with the brightness adjusted. The nice thing about Photoshop is being able to use layers and masks. To keep the focus on the subject, you could brighten them while keeping the background somewhat dark. Very cute! :D

    • Rene, thank you for your advise for improvement to keep the background dark in order to focus on the subject. Your feedback is much appreciated :)

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